It’s all about the ‘Tube

Our Favourite YouTubers

The nights have drawn in and the last of the shows this season have been and gone. The first show of the 2020 season is months away and to make things worse, it’s either raining and you can’t wash the car or, its now that dirty you daren’t wash the car in fear of damaging the paintwork. 

So to give you a wintertime automotive fix we’ve put together our favourite YouTubers to watch for pure entertainment and automotive track thuggery. So, sit back and watch Neil, Craig and Nick’s favourite videos: followed by our favourite detailing YouTube channels to get you in the mood again, just in time for spring. 

We’ll send the search party down the rabbit hole in 3 days for you…… 

Queen B – Becky Evans

Becky, a full-on Petrol Head who documents her life as an automotive journalist and inspiring drifter. This passion for drifting has to led her into hosting the drifting coverage on Red Bull TV and her own series,  Drift Queen.

On her channel, you’ll follow her on the journey for a more capable, dare I say a grown-up daily driver, whilst keeping her BMW E21 in immaculate condition and continuing the OEM+ build. Her drift queen Nissan S15 makes a few guest appearances too.

Cars with Luke

Watch Porsche obsessed and pure Stuttgart lover Luke, a UK car journalist living his best life in the Swiss mountains, present you with his effortless talent for photography and cinematic drone footage. 

Luke covers an area in YouTube journalism which has truthfully been passed over and forgotten about, the performance and supercar market. Driving RS4’s through winding mountain passes and seeking out boutique car dealers.  Immerse yourself into a fairy tale fantasy of supercar ownership with Luke’s rarest of rare 911 Porsches.


Love supercars, Road Rallies and actually seeing the exotica moving and being used?

Well, we urge you to watch Mr JWW’s channel, not only is he an avid supercar user but, he also owns a Paint Protection and Detail business. Mr JWW and his team care for and protect some of the worlds rarest and fastest cars. When he’s not doing this, he is travelling the globe reviewing the latest releases or taking his manual GT3 on the track. 

His channel has a siding ranging videos covering all topics within the supercar world incorporating retro and modern classics, as well as contemporary supercars. 


Automotive Thuggery at its best headed up by Ken Block of gymkhana fame. Within their many sub-channels, there will be a video or series for you. One of our favourites is Larry Chens – Autofocus

Car-cane rehab rings a lot of bells with some of the Eurowerks team and, as this series has proven we all get there in the end. 

Gears and Gasoline 

Ben and Ben, produce some of the most visually appealing videos in the automotive sector at the moment. From silent videos watching a detailer clean a wheel to an epic cross-continent series road trip. 

When the boys aren’t driving some of the best roads in American they’ll be driving their track cars hard around tracks on the east coast and Canada. A highlight is Short Bens build of his Subaru Forester showing a grocery getter can be fast! 

Mighty Car Mods

The boys down under are smashing it with their builds and love for all things JDM. Moog has recently been building a supercar crushing MK7 Golf R, whilst Marty plays with Too Sexy and his Japanese Kai car remake. 

The channel started from humble beginnings filming on Martys Mums driveway, to now having their own secret workshop. With an ever-expanding fleet of cars and super gramps complete, what is next for the boys at Mighty Car Mods?

Seen through Glass

Take one man, one 911T and a plan to drive it on an around the world road trip, and a YouTube series is born. Sam is completing said road trip as we reach the end of 2019 with only a few legs to go. While driving around the world with his girlfriend he also gets the chance to explore some awesome car collections and rare cars on his travels. 

Now 2020 has hit, Sam has embarked on driving a WRC inspired Citroen C4 on the snow tour with Team Galag (another awesome channel). His motto for 2020, “go big or go home!”

Favourite Detailing Channels

Manufacturer based channels can be a little dry and clinical in their application of products. All the main players in the detailing world have a presence on YouTube – the boys over at Chemical Guys, for example, are always finding the limits to there products which, is worth a watch.

Then there are the more enthusiastic detailers, to those who take it to another level of preparation, we love watching them all. However, the 2 YouTube channels we always go back to for more are… 


Is it Tom vs Dale, the Detailing 101 or day in the bay’ which, brings us back to the channel…we’re not sure? However,  we love the fact it is a real-world example of how the products will work on every car, without being subjected to an operating theatre for a set, simply to sell the products. 

The Tom vs Dale series brings a new element to the world of YouTube. Why… because how these manufacturers choose, build and present their demo cars is fascinating. The in house arguments they have, when in choosing their next car and what style to build it in can be explosive and hilarious in equal measure. 

Auto Finesse

The fleet of cars that the Auto Finesse brand possesses, as demo cars, is unreal. So is the level of detail and preparation that goes into them, all with a retro twist and some modern trickery with air ride. They honestly know how to build a car. 

If you fancy watching a mixture of car builds, show and event coverage, how-to and in-depth product demonstrations then, Auto Finesse can keep you entertained in the dark winter months. 

Finally a couple of Bonus Channels…

Engineering and restoration porn at its greatest in the next two Youtube channels. If these guys don’t get you in the mood for doing a bit…nothing will. 

Retro Power 

Retro Power has been a strong player in the retro car/retro mod scene for a while now, first coming to our attention in the early days of Retro Car Magazine, with some epic custom builds.

They’ve recently taken further steps to become an unstoppable force with the custom build for F1 and engineering legend Gordon Murray! He commissioned them to build an MK1 Escort with a modern twist and improved aspects. 

I urge you to watch the series and become all consumed in the level of detail and craftsmanship that they demonstrate.

Bad Obsession Motorsport 

Or how about some simple, over-engineering, to make it work 1000% better than originally designed? Then watching Bad Obsession Motorsport and their “ Project Blinky” on an Austin Mini / GT4 Celica build will scratch your over-engineering itch.

This engineering marvel combines the sublime with 90’s ridiculous. With a heavy amount of custom brackets, wiring, fixings and bodywork (to name but a few of what they have made or remanufactured) to feast your eyes on. 

After a 6 year build and 30 episodes the series is coming to an end with,  the Mini finally ready for the strip down and paint, maybe one more bracket is needed. 

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.