We’re back for 2018

After the endless winter of 2017/18, we’re all back and energised to push Eurowerks into the future as the 2018 show season starts.

The website has had a little refresh and tweak, we removed some ropey theme based plugins we utilised for the 2017 posts which caused those posts to disappeared from the site. Everything is backed up and we’ll upload the content over the next couple of weeks. A couple of the team are embarking on plans to start offering their services in detailing and valeting, and others bringing projects back from the dead.

To start 2018 in the right direction we had a little team trip out to the British Motor Museum – a gallery of the weird and wonderful to follow.

Follow us on social media and we might even start up the YouTube Channel.



Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.