Volkswagen Polo 6R detail

So after the Mini Detail we moved on to a grubby Volkswagen Polo 6R 1.4 TDI

  • Products Used
  • Candi Crush Bodywork Shampoo
  • Ironator – Fallout Remover
  • Mr Seal
  • Squeaky Clean Windows
  • TNT

The Polo is finished in Tornado Red, which is a flat paint with no metallic flake, but now clear coated front the factory.

As with all details I start with the wheels and work from there onto the body. The wheels were sprayed with Ironator from ‘The Car Salon’ and the lower body panels also treated. The body was left to soak whilst I worked on trying to get the wheels and arches clean.


This car doesn’t especially live a hard life, more a dirty life, up and down farm tracks to the local dogging spots. So I was dealing with farm grime rather than normal road grime and tar.


As with all valets the body was washed using a two bucket method and my trusty inspired automotive lambswool wash mitt, the “soapy” bucket has ‘The Car Salon – Candi Crush’ in. The instructions on the bottle say 2 cap fulls, which very difficult to stick to with the product smelling so good.


The great thing about ‘Candi Crush’ is how it clings to the body and bubbles so well, this helps dramatically when cleaning as you know where you’ve been, and helps ‘scientifically’ to remove the dirt and grime from the body by lifting it into the bubbles rather than being dragged down the panel.


After drying the Polo I gave the car a coat of ‘Mr Seal – Quick Detailer’ the results on the body was nothing but amazing. Being a non metallic paint you generally have to work hard at getting the paint to shine, but the simplest of methods and minimal amounts of product got the Polo shining like a new pin.


The tyres were dressed with a non fling tyre and trim dressing from ‘The Car Salon – TNT’. This product gives a nice non glossy finish to the tyres. The non fling aspect is very important as there’s nothing more annoying than freshly washing and waxing your pride and joy, taking it out for a spin to then get home and see tyre dressing spread up the side like fast and furious graphics.


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