Ultimate Dubs 2020

We’re going to hold on to this content for a while, and we don’t apologise for posting loads of pictures on Instagram of the event either, it might be one of a few shows we attend this year, as the cancellations flood in, and the number of shows which have been rearranged start to clash. 

Ultimate Dubs 2020 MK2 Golf Engine Bay 1.8T Engine

Ultimate Dubs 2020 held at Telford international Centre it’s the water cooled season opener, where the country and some European participants present their winter and longer builds to the world.  The detailing and tuning companies flood to the show floor to get there newest wares to the show goers coming out of show season hibernation.

Ultimate Dubs 2020 Show Hall Golfs VW Golfs Green Golf MK1

Ultimate Dubs 2020 has become a Saturday night affair for us, purely for the photography and few crowds, allowing us to talk to the car owners and the staff on the stands, it was great to spend the time catching up with Dale from Meguair’s and talking about his new Jaguar S TypeR.

Ultimate Dubs 2020 Meguair's UK Mercedes Benz, Dale Masterman

It might not be a VW but having the time to look around his previous build from Tom vs Dale series on YouTube. The Mercedes and take in the paint work on the roof, and the sheer epicness of the Detroit Steel wheels. 

Ultimate Dubs 2020 Porsche 964 Turbo Driftworks Gold Wheels RWB

Talking of Epic, after watching the build progress of Driftworks 964 RWB 911, it something to behold in the metal, the wing is a metal as it looks in pictures, but the subtleness of the arches and the wheel fitment are something else, for it was the car of the show, I spent a lot of time looking around the car. 

Ultimate Dubs 2020 Porsche 964 Turbo Driftworks Gold Wheels RWB Rear Wing

The level or preparation and quality of the builds on display seemed to have returned, fit and finish back on point and thought put in to the builds. We in love with the Audi 100 from Not Just Campers.

Not Just Campers Audi 100 Grey Car

Here’s the rest of the gallery, enjoy and as always image enquires to info@euro-werks.co.uk. Stay Safe, Keep Sensible and we’ll see you on the other side, and hopefully at a couple of shows in 2020.

We’ve got some more content dropping over the next few weeks which should help with some post lockdown, no car show blues, helping to build 2021 in to an epic year. 

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