Staff Bio: Lee


Well, let’s get straight into things! 

I’m the new guy, Lee. Born and raised in Manchester UK, obsessed with all things Volkswagen as well as a massive interest in extreme sports, motorbikes, music and pretty much anything I can get obsessed with.

With this being the first of many articles, stretching from waffling about cars to the best spots around the UK to ride your Mountain bike. I thought to myself where do I start?

And then it came to me, what better of a way to introduce myself to the EuroWerks followers than a brief write up of my past and present cars.

So here it is… 

I have been into Volkswagens ever since I was a kid. My first car was a MK2f Polo Genisis but unfortunately, this proved too high on insurance so I sold it and went for a…

1.0 Polo 6N

Polo 6n Lee

Obviously I couldn’t leave it standard, where is the fun in that? And so became the fun. I dropped it on some budget bounce coilovers, swapped the exterior to 16v bumpers, Alloys, 16v interior and of course a massive sub to impress my mates.

Polo 6n

My 6n came to a sad end with the engine started to sound a bit rough and the crank seal died blasting oil all over my brand new clutch, I had done not even a few months before. Needing a more reliable car to get me to and from work I stupidly bought a…… 

9n 1.2 3 cylinder 6 Valve

I bought the car from a local family-owned VW dealer. Boasting just 1 lady owner (must have been Colin Mcrae’s Nan), 53k and full-service history. I wondered to myself what could possibly go wrong with this!? It’s pretty much brand new! Again, the modding began. The compulsory budget coilovers, some fancy Porsche wheels with rubber band tyres and a dodgy Chinese rip off of an OMP steering wheel were a few of the things I did.

My 9n came to an end when the very common problem with these engines happened. Sticky Valve alert! Not wanting the hassle of having to replace the engine or mess around stripping the head etc, I decided it was best to trade it in against an even newer Polo…..

6R 1.2 TDI

Polo 6r Standard

With a super reliable 1.2 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine this seemed like the obvious choice. At this point, I was feeling a bit disheartened with the Volkswagen scene/modifying and told myself I wouldn’t modify this one….

Yeah, that lasted long.

Polo 6r Modified

Up to my old tricks with the cheap super moon bounce coilovers I dropped it on some deep dish style wheels. The love for VW was coming back and I found myself wanting a side project. With the memory of having to sell my first MK2F and never getting to drive it still upsetting me. The opportunity came along to own another, slightly tatty…..


Staff Bio Lee VW Polo

The work began polishing it up back to its former glory, fixing the rust the best I could (only surface) and ordering bits online.

I, of course, needed to lower it so, amongst others, my first mods were a TA lowering kit 80/60 drop.

Closely followed by some: strut braces, Porsche wheels, OMP steering wheel (real this time), Stainless steel exhaust system, Leather bucket seats from a MK3 platform car and a custom boot build. (I have recently sold this car to fund my current project, but we will get into that later.)

In the meanwhile, my 6r just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I missed the feel of an older car and wanted a bit more power under my right foot. I handed my 6R back to Volkswagen and bought a….

Polo 9n3 GTI 20VT

Polo 9n3 GTI VW Staff Bio Lee

I still have this car. I love it.

But yep you guessed it. I can’t leave anything alone so along came some subtle changes. I did the coilovers properly this time opting for an AP set up paired with some Rota grids. I have still got some plans for this car but I will leave that for another build thread in the future.

Polo GTI VW Staff Bio Lee

With the MK2F feeling pretty much finished and having done a few show seasons with it, I wanted to pursue my dream of an old Golf and so came along my….

MK2 Golf Driver

MK2 Golf Driver Staff Bio Lee

I bought the Golf looking pretty much as you see it here and after taking it to countless shows throughout 2019 and not to mention the massive amount of mechanical repairs; I decided that the Golf just wasn’t for me.

The Golf and I just never really clicked. Maybe it was because I had bought it already modded or maybe it was because it was a converted car. I was forever finding faults and bodge jobs that had been undertaken over the 30 years of its life. After fixing one thing after another and another and another it got kind of boring not to mention the constant worry of if it’ll start after nipping to the shops. 

Golf Mk2 Driver VW Staff Bio Lee

I fell out of love with my Golf and decided it was time for a change.

I took the decision to advertise the Golf for sale in September of 2019. The Golf sold to its new owner in late September.

I moved onto my next Volkswagen adventure in the mission for my forever car.

To be continued

I’m the new guy! Born and raised in Manchester UK, obsessed with all things Volkswagen as well as a massive interest in extreme sports, motorbikes, music and pretty much anything I can get obsessed with.