So Scene Magazine

Is printed media dead?

As the 21 Century slowly ticks by the digital age is taking over, just look how lost you become when your phone takes a vacation down the back of the sofa, but equally the old school is making a comeback and/or fighting its corner.

The biggest example of this retro, old school nostalgia can be seen in our own hobby and lifestyle the iconic 80’s and 90’s hot hatches are reaching eye-watering levels in value. This is spurring on start up fledgeling companies to fulfil these newfound customer needs but the retro ways aren’t just limited to automotive nostalgia, look how many people are rocking classic Adidas samba trainers or Run DMC style Adidas All-Stars, music lovers are rejoicing at the explosion of vinyl records again.

Where does this leave your everyday monthly magazine in this new world of embracing the new but lovingly holding on to the old, with the sheer speed information reaches the masses; I can attend a car show these days without leaving the comfort of my armchair, just by picking the correct hashtag and searching Facebook/Twitter or Instagram. This is great but when PVW or Retro Car drops on the doormat the car articles draw me in but I do now seemingly skip past the show coverage sections as its old news.

Now to the matter at hand, So Scene magazine appeared on my radar via Edition 38 forums in a post within the General Section, I had a read of the thread, and mostly the comments before linking to the site and downloading the magazine in PDF format. Seemed OK, some nice pictures with well-written articles, then I thought “I’m missing something here!” The original post from b4dvw had a lot of passion and drive, he was selling his magazine with heart.

Now So Scene is a free magazine and distributed via retailers and by themselves at shows, I’m guessing it’s funded by the adverts without the hassle of putting a price on the front and asking people for money, but the free aspect of the magazine is something I’ll come to later. I dropped b4dvw a cheeky private message about the magazine and explained the Eurowerks site and asked if he would be willing to post me out a paper version which he did. This magazine needs to read in printed format and that’s what I was missing with the digital version and now I understand the passion.


The magazine is presented in more of a bookazine style with a solid spine and heavy covers, the paper finish is matt and the pictures look even more stunning with this finish, it’s a heavy weight for its small footprint in an unconventional A5 size. In my day job my desk is littered with VW and car magazines rarely do they get a passing glance from normal colleagues, the car guys pick them up and have a flick but from the moment I placed So Scene on my desk everyone who passed noticed, commented, admired and liked the magazine, some just flicked through the pages and looked at pictures whilst others stopped and read whole articles.

That’s the beauty of paper and magazines, by choosing the right paper weight and finish the details of stapled or bound spines this allows the authours to convey their style and feeling something a PDF file is unable to do with the quirkiness of A5 paper size a slight nod to American comic books and Japanese turner magazines, the magazine could easily put a price of ¬£5 on the cover and achieve this it looks beautiful placed on the coffee table.

Issue One has the following car content

  • Porsche 964 build
  • BMW M3 and M4
  • Porsche Cayman
  • Seat Leon

Insights into some of the UKS biggest Clubs

  • Westside VW
  • London Cartel
  • ClubVAG
  • Broke Boys

Plus much more content, lifestyle articles and product reviews related to and associated with the car scene, if you can pick up a hard copy from one of the shows I recommend you do, but the PDF version is available here¬†makes for good reading but the sensory overload of reading magazine isn’t quite there.





By Craig Pickerill

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.