Players Classic

Car Shows Are Back!! So the last show we attended with Ultimate Dubs 2020, just before all the chaos of Covid-19 kicked off, and we’ve been itching to get back to a decent car show ever since.

VW Beetle Players Classic 2021

We planned 2020 to be somewhat of a stand out year for Eurowerks attending as many shows as possible and covering the UK European Car Scene in great depth, we spent a good couple of weekends planning the year and buying tickets, March 2020 came and the world shut down, but all the tickets we purchased back then are now coming good, and the first on our list is Players Classic.

Players Classic 2021 Driftworks Lambo

With limited numbers of 4000 people allowed within the site, Goodwood didn’t feel packed or empty it seemed a happy medium of people and cars, loads to look at, track action on Saturday to grab your attention as you’re wandering around the show cars.

Players Classic 2021 BMW M3

Mooching around the cars, it’s so refreshing to see the depth of brands and models being ‘played’ with, unique takes or ideas pulled from other ‘scenes’ applied to a completely different model or build concept.

Players Classic 2021 - MK2 Golf
Players Classic 2021 Carl Taylor Ford Escort RS Turbo
Players Classic 2021 BMW M3

Players Classic had everything you’ll want from a show right at the start of getting back to normal, with crazy wide arched builds, 80’s motorsport-inspired cars, and some very OEM and OEM+ mega clean builds.

Players Classic 2021 OEM Vauxhall Nova
Ford MK2 Escort

Granted, Goodwood is a proper trek (it’s all about the road trip) from our home base in the North West, would we go again – absolutely!! Jay and the team put on a proper show in some very difficult times, with the type of cars and builds that’s right in our wheelhouse.

We’ve heard a few rumours next year Players Classic will be a 3-day event, with more track action on the first two days, we can’t wait.

If you want a high res copy of any of the images, please email we’ll be happy to hook you up.

Next stop Cumbria VAG – July 10th – 11th, we might see you there.