Our Favourite Motoring Podcasts

If you live and breathe all things cars like us, then when you’re in your car there’s nothing better than to listen to car stuff. Music is great and I love listening to music whilst moving and on a nice flowing B road, but if the traffic has stopped  I start to find it annoys me. I need something engaging to listen to when I’m at a standstill, here are our favourite motoring podcasts.

Full chat with Mr JWW

This offers more in-depth and lengthy chats than James’ YouTube channel allows. The podcast has a good mixture of people from around the motoring world and some surprising guests, with insightful and inspiring knowledge. 

It’s a great podcast for the daily commute to work.  Listening to the first half in the morning and the second on the way home always leaves wanting more. 


This Custom Life 

If you’ve watched Goblin Works Garage on Quest, you’ll know the presenters, Helen and Anthony, in there podcast series they talk all things automotive from cars to bikes and the modified tuning scene. 


Behind The Glass

Another YouTube behind the scenes podcast, and we covered Sam’s channel on the Favourite YouTubers post. This does cover a lot more of what’s been going on in his life and travels, especially coinciding with the Travel the World Series. These two gel very well together.


Car Chat with Sam Moores

Car photography extraordinaire, Sam talks about his fleet of cars and the trips and travels he’s been on. His guests come from afar and wide spectrum of the motoring world.  I love listening to this Podcast whilst cleaning or working on the car. 


F1 Podcast – On the Marbles

When the F1 Season finally gets going, this is a podcast from the presenters of the Channel 4 coverage in the UK. It really expands and deepens your knowledge of F1, without getting too technical. From tactical insights to the paddock rumour mill, it sits brilliantly alongside the F1 season. Each episode is released just after the previous race keeping everything fresh and rememberable. 


That’s our favourite motoring podcasts, tell us on social media what your favourites are, we’re always looking for recommendations.

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.