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The Car Salon – Mr Seal

We introduced The Car Salon in March 2016 and touched on the products in a few bespoke valets/details we did towards the end of 2015.
Mel Mr Seal
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If you have happen to follow us on social media or are a long term blog reader you’ll notice over the past 12 months we’ve used a lot of the The Car Salon products. As the world becomes fascinated on reading the reviews before buying or purchasing a product, these reviewers can sometimes be financially “swayed”…  Well Mr Seal is good! It’s a multi-use multi-application product which has transformed the way we detail our own cars and test vehicles. If you remember, I found Mr Seal and The Car Salon whilst browsing detailing world forums and a few little rumblings started about this product which led to it appearing on the “lesser known brands” thread.
Polo 6R Coated with Mr Seal, washed with Candy Crush
Polo 6R Coated with Mr Seal, washed with Candy Crush

The comments and reviews on other sites got me interested, but could everybody really be raving about a brands range, and in particular, about a quick detailer, speed wax and a liquid sealant? “Wait a minute, is Mr Seal a brand within a brand, or a product within a brand”? A little more digging and it became clear how versatile this product was, so in the initial conversation with Stephen who owns the The Car Salon we talked about what Mr Seal could do, he never mentioned the “could nots”.

My bottle arrived with a selection of other products and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Great!! It’s early August, everything’s washed n waxed in prep for VW:NW at Tatton Park, and the MG had just returned from a trip to the Midlands Breakfast Club and so was dusty but not in need of a wax yet! I was stuck for a car to try it on. Now, there’s one person who always leaves “Tatton Park” prep to the last minute…

Yep you guessed it...
Yep you guessed it…

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24 hrs before the show and I have mine and Roj’s to finish. Abi needed to “make the Lupo shiny”. After she raided the Eurowerks detailing stores for shampoo and wash mitts, I handed her a bottle of Mr Seal, 2 Microfibres and armed her with brief instructions of how to use it and left her to wipe the Lupo down and give it some protection and shine.

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The results started to speak for themselves. Now the Lupo’s paint is in great condition – the application of Mr Seal lifted the colour particularly well, making it a deeper red with endless reflections.

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AbI won her class at VW:NW – Tatton Park, with her Lupo wearing Mr Seal.  This was August 2015 and we’ve been using the product for 8 months now on various vehicles and paint conditions throughout one of the wettest but mild winters on record. Every time I apply the product it blows me away with its ease of use, the coverage and more than anything, the shine it produces.

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This Mercedes C Class was washed with Muc Off über shine and then treated with a coat of Mr Seal, the light at the time in mid December was casting a very golden glow, this enhanced the fabulous shine produced by Mr Seal with the depth of the reflections showing in the door.

Neil the second Eurowerks product geek writes:

“Used many of TCS products myself. Love Mr Seal. Used after every wash to add that glossy finish”

You can see his recent update on his Passat here.