Introducing The Car Salon

Boutique detailing suppliers and manufacturers? What has the world come to?  Well, the definition fits well…
Boutique : Mid 18th century: from French, ‘small shop’, via Latin from Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’. A business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele.

The Car Salon (TCS) a small detailing supplier and manufacturer with the personal touch being slightly different to the crowd. I found TCS after their name popped up on detailing world thread about smaller lesser known brands, I read a few posts, Google searched and looked around their Facebook pages. I exchanged a few emails with Stephen the owner and we later chatted on the phone. I explained what Eurowerks was trying to achieve with the product reviews and how we liked the sound of his products.

A few days later a box packed with products arrived and we got to work on a few chosen subjects, this was towards the end of Summer and Autumn was approaching, the weather wasn’t on our side. We did however do a quick detail of Abi’s Lupo before VW:NW – Tatton Park winning her class, quickly detailed with Mr Seal..

Nicks Corsa

So the extensive range from The Car Salon is as follows

Exterior Products
  • TCS Candi-Crush PH Neutral Shampoo
  • TNT Tyre And trim Dressing
  • TCS Wheelie Clean Wheel Cleaner
  • TCS car-Moll Afoam – PH Neutral Snow Foam
  • TCS SHIFT Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • TCS Lustre Detailing Wax 200ml
  • TCS Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaner
  • TCS Ironator (fallout remover)
  • TCS TARget tar oil and glue remover (hydrocarbon based tar, oil & glue remover)

Interior Products 

  • TCS Pink Drizzle Trim Dressing
  • TCS SHIFT Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Specialist Products 

  • TCS Clay bar
  • TCS Mr-Seal – A Quick Detailer & Spray Sealant in one!
We’ve been “testing” the products over the past months on different cars and the results have been outstanding, the products have merely been there or mentioned and the finished result was the main focus of the posts.
Mel Polo
  • Helen’s Mini came up like a new, with a depth of shine to silver paint every owner would be happy about.
  • Mel’s Polo, this car is a workhorse, up and down farm tracks daily as she attends to her horse, Mr Seal did wonders with her paint.
  • Nick’s Vauxhall Corsa – this car is a typical daily driver, driven to the train station and left in the car park, shops and back and enjoyed on high days and holidays.
Helen Mini
The product range from The Car Salon is so vast we’ve only scratched the surface with these vehicles and the ability of the products, this post was never meant to be an in-depth review, more an introduction, and we’ll review the full range independently over the Spring and Summer months of 2016.

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.