Fitted UK
2019 Event City Manchester

After record breaking temperatures 3 days prior to the show, Manchester welcomed Fitted UK in the middle of a 48 hour down pour, with more than 2 weeks rain falling in that time. To say Manchester was a bit soggy is a understatment.

Luckily for us, Fitted is held inside 4 giant halls at Event City – with some displays and clubs braving the weather outside. It goes without saying that the organisation to get all these cars inside, cleaned and prepared for the show is a phenomenal task. Well done to the owners and organisers for their outstanding efforts.

Fitted has been at its new home in Event City for 4 years now, and the show is growing from strength to strength, plus its handy for us being only 7 miles away.

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.