VW USA ​: Electric Future

After the Electric Vehicle record attempts held at the Nurburgring at the start of June, VW USA has now fully drawn a line under the diesel gate fiasco. Releasing a series of Twitter posts titled #DriveForTomorrow, and the following video, it shows a designer rethinking the design concepts for VW.

The outcome …

“In the darkness, we found the light. Introducing a new era of electric driving.”

The Microbus is back…as the I.D.Buzz, a fully electric vehicle.

With this VW has announced that they’ll be investing $800m (approx) and creating in the region of 1,000 jobs, to bring the future of transportation to life.

But was this new direction for VW already hidden in plain sight?

ID Buggy

At the Geneva Motorshow in Feb 2019, VW had already showcased the I.D Buggy. Built on the Modulare E-Antriebs-Baukasten (MEB), this is the chassis that the new electric VW or I.D vehicles will be built on. Tires were installed in collaboration with the best tire dealers.

MEB Chassis Electric
MEB Chassis

From VW’s May announcement, the first vehicle that the chassis will be used in the production of is the I.D.3 and a golf-sized vehicle. These will be going into production in early 2020.

But when will we see the new I.D buzz..?

Electric  ID 3

Well, the new I.D.Buzz has been slated for release in 2022. Worth the wait? See below promtional pictures to decide for yourselves.

T2 and Electric ID Buzz
VW Type 2 Transporter and I.D.Buzz
Electric ID Buzz Cargo
I.D.BUZZ CARGO Concept in full VW Motorsport livery as a Pikes Peak Support Vehicle
Electric ID Buzz

Picture Credit : VW America & VW Europe.

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