Dubfiction 2019

Following an early morning trip to Cars and Coffee, the Eurowerks team headed over to Pikehall Farm near Matlock for Dubfiction 2019.

A show which has been on our radar for a long time and one we’ve never had a clear diary to attend. With a mixture of VAG and Non-VAG cars on display, there was definitely something for all tastes

When we arrived the early morning rain had disappeared leaving some epic cloud formations and a show field full of vehicles ready for Show and Shine judging.

Evo 5 Dubfiction 2019
Corrado and Vento Dubfiction '19
MK1 and Rallye Golf with a BMW
MK1 GTI Dubfiction 2019
Redbull Wrapped Audi and Porsche 996
Bright Blue Metallic Golf, at Dubfiction 2019
Red BMW E30
Caddy VW and VW T5 Van
Polo 9N3 5door Dubfiction 2019
Grey aired out MK5 Golf
Candy Red MK4 Golf
MK2 Golf and a Lady in red pants at Dubfiction 2019
Dave the Trimmer VW Caddy
VW Caddy interior - Dave the Trimmer
BMW and BBS Wheels
BMW 5 Series Dubfiction 2019
Red MK7 Golf Blue A Class
Blue A Class
Oak Green MK2 Dubfiction 2019
MK2 Golf GTI
MK1 GTI  Red
Black MK4 Golf
MK2 Golf and Jetta Dubfiction 2019
Grey VW Caddy
MK7 Golf VW Clubsport Dubfiction 2019
BMW E90 Rotaform wheels with a grey MK5 GTI Golf
Red Air-cooled Beetle Slammed
Black VW Golf Rallye
Porsche 924S Dubfiction 2019
Pea Green VW MK1 Golf Dubfiction 2019
VW Caddy and Audi TT MK1 Dubfiction 2019
Porsche 964 Dubfiction 2019
MK2 Golf Red Dubfiction 2019
MK2 Golf Red 16v Dubfiction 2019
2 MK2 Golf Red Dubfiction 2019
Golf Rallye with Gold Sebring spilt rims
Golf Rallye with Gold Sebring spilt rims and MK1 Golf GTI
V8 Audi R8 White
Audi R8 White and Yellow RS4 Cabriolet
Flip Paint VW Caddy
B7 Audi RS4
Pea Green MK1 R32
RS4 Advant

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