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Dr Leather mini review.- Passat CC Update

So, the CC GT has been in my possession for a year and with that and the impending MOT I thought it would be only right to give it a spruce up. I also wanted to sort out the leather on the front seats especially as they had gone very shiny and were letting the whole look of the luxury interior down. More on that in a bit let the scrub up commence.

Eurowerks Passat CC Detail Snowfoam Wash
Pre Wash and Snow Foam with TCS Car Moll Afoam

Usual cleaning process was employed firstly by a high pressure rinse and then a good coating and 15 minute dwell of the fantastic Car Moll Afoam from the great guys at The Car Salon. Lovely thick and clingy and smells great.


While this was doing its magic I gave the wheels a clean with a PH neutral wheel cleaner and then rinsed with the trusty Karcher.


It was then a traditional 2 bucket wash and pat dry.

And now on to my favourite part, adding the WOW factor. For this I went straight for 2 of my regular products. Both supplied by TCS and used in every car wash session.

VW Emissions Cheat Sticker Passat CC The Car Salon
What would VW Say! – Stickers available from Real Graphix
Passat Mr Seal VW CC The Car Salon Eurowerks
Mr Seal

Both of these products are easy to apply and don’t leave any nasty residue. The results speak for themselves. No nonsense items that do exactly what they say on the tin, or bottle in this case.

So after a quick flit round with some tyre dressing the exterior was ready to fight another day.


The interior was where my real battle lay. A good hoover and general wipe round with some Pink Drizzle, TCS again, saw it looking ok but the front seats were just letting the side down.


I first noticed the problem with the leather about 2 weeks before when the sun was shining directly into the car with all the windows down. The back looked like new with a lovely dull matt finish and supple feel. The fronts, especially the driver’s seat looked very shiny and felt cheap. I look after my car so knew it wasn’t muck but suspected it was products used in the past. After a little research on good old Detailing World I came across Dr Leather and quickly placed and order with Polished Bliss for some Advanced Formula Leather Cleaner.


It is not common knowledge that modern leather doesn’t need to be fed or treated, you learn something new every day. In fact doing this can cause the issue I have, shiny cheap looking leather.

I taped the driver’s seat swab up to show myself and you the avid reader of Eurowerks what could be achieved. Simple and easy to use, simply sprayed onto a foam applicator and rubbed into the leather in all directions then wiping off with a microfiber. I repeated the process twice due to the shininess of my seats. As you can see the results don’t disappoint.

Cleaned Vs “Treated”



A vast improvement that has nearly brought the factory finish back. I’m sure this will improve with further applications. The only slight downside to this product is the smell. It does leave a medical type aroma initially but after a few days this has now vanished. A highly recommended product that has surprised even me, Mr OCD.

So there you have it, shiny leather restored to factory fresh. Oh and the CC passed its MOT, don’t ask about the emissions VW still haven’t sorted that one 🙂