Cumbria VAG 2021

964 Cumbria VAG

It’s all a dream, it’s all a dream. Two car shows in two months!!! Nothing stopping the show season now, following the excitement and what felt like the long-haul to Players Classic

Audi R8 Cumbria VAG

Cumbria VAG in Kendal felt like popping to the shops to us Northen boys, we won’t complain too much about travel times. We just like gravy on our chips. 

Audi S3 Cumbria VAG

Although in its twelfth year, this is our first year attending the show and we didn’t quite know what to expect. The hype on social media, in the week running up to the show, flirted with the idea that some decent machinery, from all corners of the modifying world, were attending. 

VW Golf R32 Cumbria VAG
VW Golf Rallye Cumbria VAG

Sunday morning saw the show cars making their way to the show field, in surprisingly decent weather, compared to what had been forecast for the weekend. We were happy to see the sun shining after what we experienced the night before whilst camping.

BMW Cumbria VAG

The show field was spilt into the show and shine vehicles, club displays and Non-VAG vehicles, with some action in the middle, provided by a BMX stunt team. Old skool cars and other blasts from the past, such as the Unit21 cars, were a pleasant surprise. 

Mk1 Golf R32 Cumbria VAG
MK1 Polo Cumbria VAG
Unit 21 MK2 Golf Cumbria VAG

The Japanese cars also on display failed to suppress our itch to own something fast from the far east one day. 

Evo 5 Cumbria VAG

All in all the weekend turned out to be pretty decent. We honestly don’t know why we haven’t attended before. The show is so close and set in such spectacular surroundings that it’s already on next years plans. 

T25 Cumbria VAG
Harry Main Mk7 R

If you want a high res copy of any of the images, please email, we’ll be happy to hook you up. 

The next stop is Tatton Park for VW: NW 1st August 2021. Come and say hello at the club stand, we dont bite…honest.