Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo Detail & Training Session

Nick decided it was time to learn the art of keeping a car clean, but in a safer way to his present methods. He has owned this Corsa for about 12 months now after cutting his teeth with a MK2 Golf followed by a Corrado 16v, the Corrado suffered the same fate as many with electric problems and poor starting leading to its sale and sharing a car with his girlfriend.

Pre Ironator Treatment

His new Corsa Turbo has been a regular at petrol station jet wash, lucky for him we didn’t have to remove any swirly brush marks in the paint. This sesson was more about bring the car up to spec.  Showing him what products to use and where to achieve the best possible protection and shine. We spread this out over a couple of weekends with a merits of the 2 bucket method explained on the second weekend.

Tar removal – Weekend 1
Products used.

– The Car Salon – Candi Crush Shampoo
– The Car Salon – Ironator fall out remover (on wheels)
– The Car Salon – Mr Seal
– The Car Salon – TNT
– The Car Salon – Squeaky Clean Windows
– Chemical Guys – Pete’s 53
– Auto Finesse – Revitalise Kit – Stage 1 – 2 -3 on scratch on the bonnet
– Auto Finesse – Revive on Bumper Plastics and Roof Gutters
– Rainx – Rain Repellent
– Inspired Automotive – Lambs Wool Wash Mitt
– Selection of Brushes.

Nothing really was on test, as most of the time I was telling Nick about the advances in product technology from days of a quick rub with Super Resin followed by a can of Back to Black on the bumpers.

Candi Crush Shampoo
Mr Seal Shine
Pete 53 application
Chemical Guys Pete’s 53 application
Auto Finesse Revive Application
Auto Finesse Revive Application – Mr Seal and Pete’s 53 Applied to Paint – TNT drying on tyres

All Finished….

IMG_5512 IMG_5508 (1) IMG_5513

Words : Craig

Photos : Nick & Craig


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