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Buy Cheap Buy Twice? – Waxaddict – Magic Glaze Range

“Buy Cheap – Buy Twice”

The above saying was drummed into me by my Grandfather and it’s a saying I stand by today, most of the time it works and its good advice. Wax Addict launched their Magic Glaze range available direct from Wax Addict (links below) or Halfords online, after a successful run with the waxy box program as the program drew to a close Wax Addict was born.

Keeping a car on the road itself isn’t a cheap do that’s before taking into account those essential modifications, being able to keep your pride and joy clean,tidy and protected is another cost to bear. It’s no longer acceptable or even good practice to take your car to a drive thru car wash and the dreaded brush at the jet wash is a grit and stone ridden swirl inflicting monster, detailing products are equally not cheap until now, Wax Addict has released the Magic Glaze range to fill the gap between the supermarket specials and the medium to high range wallet busting products, the two products we have under review today are a quick detailer/ speed wax and a window cleaner.

Both items are batting above their average on terms of product usage and quality, pitching in with the bigger boys of the detailing world without worrying the wallet in terms of price. (£8.00 and £6.99 respectively)

Magic Glaze – Wet Look Wax Sealant

Without bigging up his presence Softy has been doing the rounds of the summer show and meet scene, mostly been nestling in the campsite & car park crew but he did make an appearance on the Eurowerks Club Stand at Tatton Park, July and August has been full of quick washes and speed waxes and for this I’ve used Magic Glaze – Wet Look Wax Sealant.


Admittedly this hasn’t been applied to fresh or unprotected paint, god knows the number of wax and Mr Seal layers on the paint, but as circumstances happened this product was my quick detailer of choice, after washes and in the show ground.

The application is very quick (10mins to do a Golf) and equally as easy to remove. I prefer to spray onto a clean micro fibre cloth and apply in straight lines opposed to the spraying the panel and wiping off. A little does go a long way, a couple of quick sprays onto the cloth will easily cover an average size wing and half a door producing a deep glossy shine. Topping up the protection below as it goes.


Longevity is something I can never really test I never leave my cars long enough to either get super dirty or the product to wear off with repeated washes. But I have used the product on a friend’s car after a month between washes the car was still beading when I first applied water to wash it.


  • Ease of Use
  • Cost effective quick detailer
  • A little goes a long way
  • At a welcome price point in the market £8.00
  • Affordable


  • Can be a little hard to work with if sprayed directly onto the panel

Magic Glaze – Wet Look Wax Sealant does do what it says on the bottle, the reflections are deep and glossy, with epic beading when the inevitable summer rain happens. Overall a good product with multiple uses with ease of use on it side.

Magic Glaze – Glass Cleaner

Cleaning glass is my biggest bug bear when cleaning a car. it’s also one of the most important areas in terms of safety and overall appearance. It doesn’t matter how clean the alloys are and faultless the paint is; smeary and dirty glass instantly detracts from the vehicles appeal or overall presence on the showground it’s a deal breaker for me, oh and not forgetting those annoying times the low evening or winter sun hits your windscreen and you’re unable to see anything.

Most of the time the problems with the finish is not always the user’s fault more the environment or product. Every product be it glass cleaner or wax has a working range, your average driveway detailer is working within these limits but every now and again the world sends us a test.

I prepped Softy Tatton Park, for a British summer it was a hot day!! As I started to finish the detail/valet/clean it came to windows time, it’s hot the sun’s high in the sky and I already have dry water marks on the glass, my heart sank. I have 3 glass cleaning products in stock, two known and trusted items one of which is just dregs in the bottom of the bottle and the fresh bottle of Magic Glaze Glass Cleaner, staring back at me just teasing me wanting me to use it and test it, “what’s the worst that can happen”

After reading the directions I picked the coolest of windows, sprayed it on and rubbed it around a bit with a micro fibre cloth and buffed off with another, it seemed too easy and too smear free. This pattern continued around the rest of the car each window getting warmer than the last as I moved from shade to direct sunlight, naturally cleaning cooler glass is easier than hot glass, but this magic glaze glass cleaner handled the hot stuff too.

It’s a great window cleaner and mega cheap to £6.99 for a bottle with each application working out at 12p, another notable attribute is the fact any over spray onto interior trim once wiped off doesn’t leave any trace behind or dulling to the finish.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Smear and Streak free finish
  • Doesn’t appear to remove wax or interior trim treatments


  • Too good, can’t photograph any smears or streaks

Magic Glaze – Glass Cleaner good glass cleaner for all to use from your driveway hobbyist to full on concourse competitor

Also in the Magic Glaze Range
  • Multi-Purpose Dressing
  • Interior Dressing
  • Carnauba Wax Spray

By Craig Pickerill

Oldskool VW Geek, who loves any form of motorsport. Founded Eurowerks with Neil. He manages the day to day running of the website and the social media accounts, whilst finding time to enjoy taking pictures at shows and events.