Auto Finesse Revive :
Throw Back Review

Here’s a true throwback to 2015 and an article planned as a colab between Eurowerks and Auto Finesse. We just couldn’t get the planets to align, and 5 years later we’re still massive Revive and Autofinesse fans

Non greasy, streak free, outstanding beading ability, with exceptional coverage from the tiniest amount, for once I’m not talking about a LSP or Wax. 

Revive is the Hertfordshire detailing suppliers answer to many a 80’s retro cars owners faded plastic problem. Fast becoming a modern classic issue as manufactures started re introducing black plastic as sporty arch covers or extensions in the early 2000’s. 

Auto Finesse Beading on Spoiler

Application of Revive couldn’t be easier, a pea sized amount on either an application pad or microfibre cloth will easily cover a standard 90’s plastic arch trim. I was able to cover a MK2 Golf’s small bumper with 2 blobs of revive; the key with this solvent based product – less is definitely more. 

Auto Finesse Revive 50:50 on Bumper
Auto Finesse Revive 50:50 on Bumper

You have the choice to let the product soak in naturally or you can remove the residue after 20mins, the latter giving a more satin finish compared to a natural matt factory look. Revive will return life to your trim rather than covering your faded trim

50:50 Wing Mirror Auto Finesse Revive

Revive is not limited to being used purely on bodywork plastic trim , engine bay plastics and wiper arms respond in an equal manner. With a little care, window rubbers and roof gutters can be treated and protected with Revive.

Auto Finesse Revive Beading on Bumper

This product has been on the shelves for 5 or 6 years now, and we at Eurowerks have been an active user of the product mostly on the older retro.  So what have we learnt in that time? 

A well-seasoned microfiber pad which,  is solely used for Revive will give the best OEM looking results. The added benefit is as the residue is left in the pad from previous applications it means that you need less product each time. 

As mentioned less is definitely more, this product needs to be worked well into the plastics. Granted it might take longer but multiple thin coats, with time to soak in between each coat, will give longer protection without leaving the plastics looking overly treated. 

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