Job For Eurowerks
Chris covers many roles with in Eurowerks, he reaches things that are high up for the short people and is the sticker/decal guy.
He’s been the go to source for decals for the Eurowerks site since its inception and other bespoke/retro decals.

Not only that he’s also in the process of building and launching the Eurowerks forum.

VW T5 Van/Camper Project, Nissan 200sx S14a

Favourite Show
Fast & Loud (somebody didn’t understand the question)

Most used Detailing product
Meguairs Wheel Brightner / Shampoo Plus & Collinites 476s (Double Coat)

Other Hobbies
Carp Fishing, Fly Fishing, Land Rovers, Camping and Custom PC’s

Favourite Place in the World
Oasis Lakes, North Somercoats / Stoupa Greece / Shell Island

Chris’ Camper Van Build.