Role at Eurowerks
Steve is the sounding board for the whole Eurowerks cartel, his bigest value is his blunt honesty and abity to rationise the problem and normally find a solution when the rest are flapping about a snapped bolt, or obsolete part we need at 4pm on a Sunday to get the car on the road for Monday morning.

Being super methoodical he can put his mind to any task, he’s recently completed a mini resto on his MK1 Golf and built a stereo install many would be proud of.

MK1 Golf Rivage Cabriolet

Favourite Show
Mk1 Golf Owners Club AGM

Most used Detailing product
Poorboys black hole, Meguiars nxt liquid tech wax 2.0, Costco micro fibre cloths, Auto glym instant tyre dressing applied with a sponge, For glass I use a well washed micro fibre cloth (in washing up liquid and water) wrung out to almost dry (no glass cleaner)

Other Hobbies
DIY, building, making and repairing things

Favourite Place in the World
By a lake fishing!

Steves posts are here