Run up to Tatton NW:VW 2016

#boldstatements… I and few of the longer standing members have been around the VW Show World (resisting using the word “scene” I see – Neil) for the past 15 years and every year we’ve attended NW:VW at Tatton Park, be it on club stands or in one of the Concours sections. So to make 2016 a little different and seeing how we have a Eurowerks Club stand this year and Abi is entering her Lupo GTI into Concours.  I’m finally digging the MK2 out of retirement finishing the “refresh” and putting it on the club stand, along with Softy if all goes to plan.

So over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to try and post daily updates of what we’ve been up to and the struggles (as I’m guessing they’ll be a few) in getting the cars to a presentable level for the club stand and Abi’s car fully detailed ready for Concours, she’ll also remind you all she won her class last year.

What needs doing?

(items we know of are)

  • Well the MK2 had a complete engine refresh and top end rebuild, I’ve started it and it sounds like we have a “brand new” but dead tappet its banging and clattering like there’s no tomorrow, the paintwork needs a complete going over just to make it shiny, plus all the other gremlins which present themselves as the car runs in, components bed in or come back alive.
  • Abi’s Lupo needs a complete detail included engine bay, interior needs blitzing. We need to remove the wheels clean them up and I think repair some paint on one.
  • Softy, needs a bath and a detail and the small task of replacing the N/S/F wing.
  • Plus any work on the other members cars


6 Weeks and counting start now…..


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