Project Ron – Part 1

So after our initial assessments of Ron, we decided to tick off the easiest jobs before tackling the bigger and more time-consuming items. First on the list was the spongy pedal and lack of brake fluid in the system, and the metal on metal grinding noise.

New Ferodo disc and pads were fitted up front, our incarnation of the MK3 Golf Estate had 256mm discs upfront in similar design to a MK2 GTi 16v.

Next up was the monumental fluid leak from the rear, when the brake pedal is pressed after a quick check we noticed the flexi hose had started to perish on its metal to rubber crimp, easy fix and a small copper brake line made, back to the compensator valve.


Next on the easy list was the oil dipstick tube, dead simple fix and really not worth mentioning but here’s a picture.


Next on the job list was replacing the boot handle, these break just like Polos and MK4’s Golf and suffer the same rust issues. We needed a few other items for the tailgate so a secondhand complete item was sourced,

We needed to give Ron a good wash and polish and he comes up OK, the bodywork To Do list currently stands at a couple of bumpers, 2 replacement wings and having the new tailgate painted to match the car. Mechanically Ron is sound, we’ve replaced the rear wheel bearings as they had started to grumble but in general are all good, and nothing a good dose of TLC can’t fix.


Roof Racks and Mountain Bike Trips.

Ron’s major use within Eurowerks is for Mountain bike transport as well as being a parts and tool lugger.  We got hold a set of aero roof bars and fitted our Thule Pro-ride 591s.


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Beading Rails, sounds like an 80’s rock band, but it just how Ron rolls. #eurowerksuk

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Next on the cards for Ron is the interior, making him smell a bit sweeter and sorting out the choons!!!