Project Ron – Part 2

Part 2… Wheels, Suspension & Polishing.

We did say in the last post, choons and interior next time… the factory speakers are OK for a workhorse like Ron, but the interior has been an ongoing battle, we’re trying to clean it the best we can without drowning the seats and fabric. Pink Drizzle from The Car Salon has been used on the plastics but we keep with the mechanical theme in this update.

The suspension on Ron was on my list of to-do items from the first drive home. I’m not looking for a slammed bone shaker but equally, I don’t want something to wobble and wallow around corners.

Looking around a couple of build threads, it seems coilovers are the most cost effective way of dialling in some suspension performance on the estate chassis. I’ve run eBay specials in the past and regretted it so with that in mind a mid-range set was required, but there was nothing out there…..

The option to run a high-end shock and spring set up, was also very limited: equally to replace with standard OEM equipment the numbers were starting to add up. So I reverted to plan Z and choose some eBay specials, good job really as both front springs had snapped and the rear shock absorbers failed. So from past experience the lower you go, the harder it gets. With this in mind, I replicated factory height the best I could.

Stage one, too low…….. C-Spanners at the ready

The original 14″ Steel wheels with 185/65/14 tyres didn’t cut the new sleeker looks, so I pinched a set of factory upgraded 5 spokes from a breaker in Eurowerks storage, decent tyres and with the added benefit of the correct 60 profile tyre.

Starting to look less hillbilly and more Eurowerks.

With the list of mechanical’s slowly getting smaller, the time had come to tidy up the overall appearance, before panels and paint work start being repaired or replaced.

  • Washed and Clayed the body work.
  • Wet sanded the deeper scratches
  • Attended to some lacquer peel
  • Applied Poor Boys Black hole via DA on a Meguiars Microfiber Pad
  • Mr Seal over the top and TNT on the tyres
Black Hole and Mr Seal
Black Hole and Mr Seal

Black Hole from Poorboys applied with a DA on a medium pad, is a different animal compared to hand application but we’ll cover this in another post.

IMG_6826 IMG_6827

Next on the list is MOT Time….