Project Ron – Eurowerks MK3 Golf Estate – Intro

It seems the Avant/Variant/Kombi/Estate/Sportwagon or long roof is currently on trend, I know of three VAG “long roofs” being made as project cars by popular online magazines and many more in the readers rides sections of most, if not all, VW forums around the world. The Estate was always be associated with antique dealers and families: then Audi rewrote the Avant how to sheet with the RS2, followed by the successful S and RS Estate series.

Volkswagen had the Passat Estate way back in the late 70s and early 80s borrowing much of the under pinnings from the Audi 100 of the time, 5cyl engines, design hues and interior equipment, the first gen Golf estate appeared in the era of the MK3 Golf…

……..the MK3 Golf Estate, uses the floor pan and engine choices from the Vento/Jetta3 but keeps the Golf headlight and bonnet. Our MK3 Golf Estate, code name Ron has the 1.8 90hp ADZ engine with is whopping 107 lb·ft of torque, but the power and torque outputs are the least of its worries, we have a good list of jobs to work through- each stage will be a new post.

IMG_3553 IMG_3556

So it’s previous life wasn’t the kindest and Ron has suffered a few bumps and bangs over the years, but he is mechanically sound, deep rot and rust fee.

The plan with Ron is build a car we can use for mountain bike trips, parts moving and collection, rescue missions for other team member breakdowns. We certainly don’t plan to lay the car up for winter, we want something that’ll do everything we throw at it- which is quite a lot! But also able to cut the mustard at any VW meet we attend, it’ll never be show queen but we can test some ideas and concepts during the build.

Next up tackling the first round of jobs….