Looking Sideways – Podcast

I’ve just spent the best part of 7 hours cleaning and detailing the MK2 ready for NWVW – Tatton Park show, the time flew by listening to the  Looking Sideways podcast, it touches on the other worlds outside of cars we all have an interest in.

Action sports; each episode feels like a short story and you can just get lost listening to stories of wild adventures, sometimes mis adventure and pure genius.

“It’s about digging a little deeper. Each episode seeks to unearth the most distinctive viewponts in action sports and find stories that may have slipped under the radar. Guests include BBC presenter Ed Leigh on presenting Ski Sunday, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton on the psychology of paddling into waves like Nazare, snowboarder Sascha Hamm on what it takes to come back from life-threatening injuries, Finisterre founder Tom Kay on how he built the UK’s best-loved surf brand, and photographer Tim Nunn on his mission to increase awareness of the blight of marine litter on our favourite ocean environments.”

Looking Sideways Website

Have a listen to episode 1 it’s a good one (well they all are) the rest are available via iTunes or Soundcloud.