Role at Eurowerks 
Founded the site with Neil, after a conversation whilst detailing his MK2 Golf and how the products he was using didn’t match the online reviews and performance tests reported and raved about on forums.

Now is the Techi – Geeky guy working the website and pointing and shooting the camera.

MK2 Golf 1.6 Driver, MK3 Golf 1.8CL, MG ZR 105+

Favourite Show
GTI International – as you get to see the cars moving,
Tatton Park Classic for the older Retro items.

Most used detailing Product
Dodo Juice Purple Haze

Other Hobbies
Mountain Biking, lusting after rusty old British Layland retro metal. (more on this later)

Favourite Place in the World
Sat beside the Nurburgring watching the touriestefanhn, or outside Pinocchio’s in Adenau village.

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