Job For Eurowerks
Officially the unsung hero of Eurowerks, he’s the guy you see in all the pictures helping everyone else get there projects and cars finished or back on the road, equally the bad influence slowly leading us all down the dark side of classic cars.

Ross is a tool whore, if we don’t have the tool he will generally own the one you need. With this his tool kit is spread evenly across South Manchester and beyond.

Look out for more posts and insights from Ross over the coming months.

1990 MK2 Golf 8v GTI / 1992 MK1 Golf GTI 8v Cabriolet – US Import

Favourite Show
VW Festival

Most used Detailing product
Autoglym range

Other Hobbies
Mountain Biking, Lego, Classic Cars and Model Cars

Favourite Place in the World